What are Akashic Records?

What are Akashic Records

What if you can access Akashic records of your every thought, word and deed in past, present, and future?

What are Akashic Records? Can everyone access them?

Akashia is a realm. A realm is an energetic world made by souls because of necessity. The necessity that inspired the creation of the realm records center was the need to keep soul and evolutionary records safe and tamper-free.

Soul groups are born deconstructed and reborn over and over again, for infinity. Some of the information was being “lost” in translation, stolen by negative soul groups looking to destroy and hold power over others. Cancer was created when a rouge soul group infiltrated the Akashic records vault to manipulate the human soul to body program.

The Akashic Realm also has other purposes. It is the place all souls stop to plan lives before incarnating on Earth. It is also home to a healing center amongst other necessary incarnation processes and structures created for maintaining smooth incarnations on Earth.

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It’s hard for a lot of people to believe that souls don’t all have “pure” intentions. But the truth is that duality is necessary. Positive and negative polarities keep energy in infinite motion. The negative fueling the positive. The positive fueling the negative. Push and pull. Explosion implosion. Give and take. Masculine bs feminine. Karma. The issue comes when those polarities intermingle as they simply cannot exists in the same space. They cancel each other out And both cease to exists. So what we do is, keep order.

Every soul group resides in a place with soul groups of its same vibration, intentions and complimenting polarity. It means that high vibrational souls and low vibrational souls can continue to exists and thrive, on their own plane. They do no harm to us if they remain on their plane. The issue is that humans don’t understand this order, don’t understand the purpose, don’t understand the consequences and interfere by calling in and inviting lover level entities into our space — who thrive on chaos and destruction — until someone like me spots them and sends them home.

The Akashic Records are not a physical library.

They don’t look like a library. It actually looks like a galactic map and one can zoom in and out onto a soul group, soul and souls live. There are no books. A book would be a 3rd-dimensional object. There aren’t books big enough to store the information the Akashic Records contain.

The Akashic Records are guarded by the most powerful forces in the multiverse, the guides of Akashia.

They are divisions of Pluto. 15 beings all with the same responsibility. To guard and protect the records.

No one or being is allowed directly into the records. They would have to be of pure intention and unfortunately, we don’t have many of those anywhere. Even at the soul level. We are still healing. Still working through our suffering. Still working to be better humans and souls. The guides of Akashia are highly evolved beings of the order who don’t incarnate on Earth. Usually. Unless they are contracted to do so for a particular mission and in that case they bring their knowing to Earth.

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