We were incomplete

We were incomplete
Divya Tuli Garg

We were incomplete ,
Without one another
Just Like pieces of a puzzle
Without each other,
We intertwine together
To fill the missing pieces
and become whole
To Complete our hollow souls .

Sarrvesh Waran

I guess both of us
complement each other’s soul.
I guess both of us
make each other whole

Tanu Malhotra

Law of Attraction is a beautiful principle of nature,
where two souls connect and unite
finding their missing pieces in another.
Best if understood
and not superficially applied
based on external appearance.

Karen MacLeod

You have taken some parts of me
and I hold on to few from you.
We do not try to solve
nor fix the puzzle of us together.
There are too many loose
or broken or missing pieces to heal.
The last and lost part is
the absence of our heart.

Anindya J Ganguly

I exist in the aligned chaos
of scattered thoughts
Breathing in a sea of puzzles
of shattered dots
I am neither red,
or have blackish hue
I am just am amalgamation
of dawn’s dusky dew.

Rinku Shah

We are all whole,
Mind Heart and Soul.
And yet we leave a piece of our being,
Unknowing and unseeing…
Beyond the control of any man,
It’s all part of the large plan!

Dee Es

When two lives start colliding,
one should not lose patience
as the pieces fit in one by one.
Love takes time to make one whole.

Debra Pry

We are the perfect fit,
because I found pieces of myself in you

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