We all eat lies

We all eat lies

“We all eat lies when our HEARTS are Hungry”

Is that not true ?

50 thoughts on “We all eat lies”

  1. Life itself is bigger lies…and relationship with life is based on temporary lies, the fact is we all lies with own self, our needs is lies with requirements our souls lies with body….only fact is current moment apart from all everything is lies….today you says tomorrow you feel and day after tomorrow you will laugh…Oh what was that…Lies.?

  2. Looks like my X, when he was ” picking up lint, tweeking on crack “. I didn’t do the stuff, so would sit and laff. He’d say, ” I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help it “, while he was doing it. I shouldn’t laff. The ” humour in the horror “, and it was a long time ago, so I can laff in this case, but i do have concerns for those who are caught in the struggle with using drugs.

  3. not exactly.a person is eating lies because of insecurity,fear of loneliness or low self esteem.
    there are examples though where hearts are hungy but lies are like the fast food.they don’t prefer it ,but a real home made dinner..

    1. there are so many loners out there .half of them had a marriage-compromise just for the fear of not staying alone and the other half stays silent in unhappy relaltionships.what happened to our mouth?what the f@ck has happened to speak directly to the other even if he is hurt or sad or abandon us?

    2. ? we all talk but we don’t listen to understand – and I was referring this to all general relationships/ friendships/ business relationships etc – regardless of the parties involved in such relationships lying doesn’t build trust and but sadly creates drama

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