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Ways In Which Your Zodiac Sign Is Beautiful

Ways In Which Your Zodiac Sign Is Beautiful

Ways In Which You’re Beautiful  

Aries: Your smirk and the lift of your eyebrows, your snarky personality that makes you endearing and beautiful.  

Taurus: When the blush creeps on your face because you were complimented, it’s the way you express yourself that makes you beautiful.

Gemini: When you dance, you let go and the world becomes yours, when you’re in your zone that is what makes you beautiful.  

Cancer: When you hide your laughter, the way you are so shy about the adorable things you do are what make you beautiful.  

Leo: When you smile, so big and warm, when you reach your arms out for a hug, your love and laughter is what makes you beautiful.  

Virgo: When you reach out to others, when you help even though you don’t particularly want to, that is what makes you beautiful.  

Libra: When you walk, when you come right up to someone and talk, when you feel fearless and you look fearless you are beautiful.  

Scorpio: When you laugh, and you tilt your head back with the most joyful laughter, when you stare at those you love, makes you beautiful.  

Sagittarius: When you rest your eyes, when you get into a place of total relaxation, that is when you are beautiful.  

Capricorn: When you tell a joke, when you are awkward and struggle to find the right words, that is when you’re so so beautiful.  

Aquarius: When you forget anyone exists, when you just let yourself be, when you just be yourself, that is when you are beautiful.  

Pisces: When you stare and hold someones hand, when you care, when you love and when you share you’re beautiful.


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