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Understand that the search for happiness is more important than the need for pain

Understand that the search for happiness is more important than the need for pain


    I turned seventeen, having finished high school, and almost certainly need to decide what most important university to me, where my dream should meet my future. By then, I said to my parents ‘I have revealed my vocation. I want to become a good writer.

    Being famous and well known by everyone is not an easy job to do specifically in some certain areas which demand you to be more talented and innovative. However, if someone had asked me to choose between being famous or not I would have absolutely answered yes! My choice is for many reasons. I always dreamed of becoming a very well-known writer and of course it is not an easy task.

      To be a writer means you have to be a hidden leader to some, you motivate, inspire, and encourage them then gradually you become a soul mate and partner in their daily lives. To be a writer also means you have to be a good teacher and sensei because you help people to overcome problems and troubles hence give them priceless advice and that of course requires great effort.

      Always making plans for the future, and always be surprised by the present, the reality was totally different; I had betrayed the first opportunity that life had presented me with and I went to university of economics and management where my journey had started.

     Today and right this moment I would like to share my words with the rest of the world. Another thing I want to share is my experience with globalization since my studies had relation with this topic.

     With the evolution of civilization over the past several thousand years, man has made tremendous progress in all aspects of human society. While enjoying all the convenience and happiness brought about by this progress, we can’t deny the fact that the world has known a very important revolution and the scientific progress brought us many conveniences and advanced machine, such as computers, mobiles, and so on. 

      Progress seems to have made life simpler and more comfortable. But if we analyze it deeply we will find that progress in not always good.

      First of all, modern life brought us many conveniences. But at the same time, some problems emerge. For example the technological revolution led normal people to become very popular. Thanks to social Medias which helped the gold diggers to sell their daily life in an attempt to be famous, attract as many followers as they can to gain more money.

    Secondly, as the English proverb goes “Every coin has two sides”. The technological revolution gave chances to everyone to be famous and for me this is not fair enough because they don’t deserve it and they exploit naïve brains also they sell bad ideas to young people.

     As an illustration, according to many scientific researches, this situation might damage kid’s personality and they become followers not creative. It is a very serious problem that scientists try to solve. By the same token, progress makes the pace of life faster and faster because of the application of the computers and Smartphones. People have to work faster than before and it makes them nervous. More and more physical and psychological problems disturb people’s life. Many people do not have time for recreation.

      In the final analysis, we live in a much worse surrounding than our ancestors as well as the world now is undergoing a globalization process that has caused divided opinions among different people. With this in mind I think we should be highly aware of some of the problems it may cause. Under those circumstances, globalization would eliminate the differences between different people. The language and unique customs of some ethnic nations are on the verge of extinction and that might close a cycle and bring everything to an end.

      For those reasons, here are some actionable strategies for dealing with negative side effects;




Just as MALCOLM X said “Without education you are not going anywhere in this world” so you have to move in the search of the best educational facilities in the world including developing countries.


Generally speaking, no one is perfect but at least tend to see the flaws in others culture and pick up the culture which is more correct or which serves you right.


Technology is a powerful force that drives the world toward a converging commonality even though try to give rest to yourself and disconnect to connect with your mother nature. So you should consider the technology as a best way to reach your goal not goal itself.

       From the above statements, it can be concluded that we do benefit a lot from the progress of human civilization, but we must pay closer attention and be highly alert and aware of the problems it brings about. Progress is not always good if we neglected its side effects. It has its own negative influences on our life.

Let hope those problems can be solved by more progress.


Rim is a writer, teacher and Ph.D student in Logistics Management and Industry. She had her master degree in Logistics Management and strategy in 2014.View Author posts