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Different Types Of Relationships

3 Different Types Of Relationships

Healthy Relationships:

• Enjoying each other’s company
• Open communication
• Trusting each other
• Mutual respect
• Resolving conflicts in a healthy manner
• Improvement in self-esteem
• Supporting each other
• Making decisions together

Unhealthy Relationships:

• Only wanting to spend time with your partner
• Frequent arguments
• Massive trust issues from both ends
• Lack of respect for each other
• Unable to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner
• Boundaries are always ignored
• Trying to run away from difficult conversations
• Constant criticism about each other’s life choices

Abusive Relationships:

• Trying to control who you should spend time with
• Gaslighting and manipulation
• Severe lack of trust
• Absolute lack of respect
• Resolving conflicts turns out to be destructive
• Zero respect for boundaries
• Lying and manipulating each other
• Making humiliating and offensive comments

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