Time Turned

Write The Book

Be your inner and your outer
Whole, complete, one, knowingly
Free will is yours to be forgiven
Just don’t steal it off of me

I am my song and I belong
Always right where I need to be
Your story and your journey
May not be the one I see

Take the picture, paint the sky
Allow yourself acceptingly
To both believe and question why
Is written in your destiny.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Who has not watched nightfall, when the sun slowly descends below the horizon and, after several minutes, is enveloped in darkness. At that moment the scattering of sunlight by the Earth’s atmosphere gives way to a transparent sky.(J.P. McEvoy, A Brief History Of The Universe) Time is always turning. Some say that time is money. I wonder if those same people would care to wager their wisdom if we could ask time itself if it thought it was money? Or is time simply just time?

Are you feeling conditioned yet or a little freer and a bit more open minded as we begin to explore the second currency? Time like Love is perpetual and can only be denied to us by ourselves and limiting beliefs such as the example above. It is now and now and now, all three of those moments have passed. So is money, or love for that matter, gone forever with it?

We hope not and it is with this faith that we continue in our existence. Giving, receiving and believing, knowing comes from growing. As we turn time each experience, good or bad, serves us our fate of our chosen thoughts, actions and behaviors. There is currently a scenario worldwide where fossil fuel conditioned financing is denying innovation of renewable and sustainable alternatives an opportunity to expand humanities horizons. Is this the event required to break us free from the limiting belief that time is money or anything else other than time?

What is the price of humanities existence and refusal to evolve? Will we become of the dinosaurs and be left in the past because we prioritized our extinction over our being? Or will we learn from time turned that tomorrow must be considered?

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