Time is a gravedigger

Sarrvesh Waran

Time is a gravedigger.


Scott A Willis

Tick Tock said the clock.
You can’t escape me you know.
For surely ye shall always reap;
that which ye have sown.
Tick Tock said the clock.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Digging the final resting place,
That’s what time does,
One swish at a time,
Meticulously and without fail.
Can’t live life on that,
What has to happen will happen,
Live your life in the Now,
The only moment that matters.

Sarrvesh Waran

Tick tock, tick tock.
There’s a time for everyone in the flock.
We all would die, time mocks.
Digging a grave for each one of us.
Mimicking that death waits for all of us.

Rinku Shah

You live in worry,
Rushing through life in a hurry.
Pause and breathe.
Laugh, smile… don’t always seethe.
Live fearlessly, be brave…
Before you reach the grave.
The swinging pendulum waits for none,
In the eyes of time, we’re all o, e!

Jaimie Mazzone

stop looking at the clock!
Live in the present
and make your mark!

MadJacq Coyne

There is no such thing
as time and yet,
you let it control you
into your grave

Jen Morris

Every second you waste
is a second closer to death
make the most of your time!

Swati Chauhan

Every second
we are heading towards
our common destiny.

Arunima Bhardwaj

No, you don’t have forever,
To do what you want to.
So chase your dreams now,
And be what you want to!

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