Three Ways To Keep The Zodiac Signs Happy In A Relationship

Three Ways To Keep The Zodiac Signs Happy In A Relationship

Three Ways To Keep The Signs Happy In A Relationship


  • Show excitement and enthusiasm for their interests, hobbies, ideas, and most importantly, for them,
  • Let them think everything is their idea (well most things anyway),
  • Change up your routine to keep things feeling fresh


  • Pamper them with massages/physical affection,
  • Make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable,
  • Allow them to maintain a level of independence in the relationship


  • Keep the lines of communication flowing.
  • Find a way to keep things light,
  • Love their friends and support their social life


  • Spend a lot of quality time with them, gotta be your number one,
  • Master the art of snuggling,
  • Do your best to understand and accept the ebb and flow of their moods


  • Shower them with love, affection, and praise regularly
  • Support and encourage their ideas
  • Let them take the lead


  • Be honest and open
  • Keep your house/apartment clean,
  • Help them talk things out when they get worried/anxious


  • Pamper them, and in turn, let them pamper you,
  • Be generous with compliments and praise, but never empty compliments
  • Learn how to keep things peaceful and harmonious


  • Share emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy
  • Commit to them
  • Ensure you know how to be passionate about life, especially the relationship


  • Engage in intellectual conversations,
  • Genuinely give them the freedom to live their own life
  • Support their adventurous spirit, and try to join in


  • Find ways to continually show your dedication to them/the relationship,
  • Deal with reality,
  • keep them engaged with your intelligence/ humor


  • Don’t be intimidated by/jealous of their social life,
  • Give them the freedom to be unapologetically themselves,
  • Be aware of your value system


  • Keep things romantic and sensual,
  • Support and validate them when they feel insecure,
  • Appreciate their go-with-the-flow attitude

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