Have you ever come across a point in your life where you want to express how you feel but the words are locked inside.
Often I find myself stuck in this situation and as a result I get stuck for words. I dont know what I want to say and everything I feel I want to express draws a blank. It is only when the true word of body mind and soul, that what needs to be said flows freely. Im regularly told that a journal is a wonderful tool to express feelings and thought and must admit I do try this, I have numerous books sitting here at home with written pages, sharing these thoughts and feelings, it lasts for a short time, yet find myself loosing the desire to write.
I figured at some point in my life that there is a time and place to express and it doesnt always have to be written nor does it need to be shared.
Our higher selves will only share what is needed the rest is for you alone to process and discover the importance of the message given. The desire to express ones feelings is one of human nature. And there are those out there who find it hard to express and others who will share freely. At times being cautious in what you share and who you share it with can bring about a learning experience in both a positive and negative way. The heart will only learn what it needs to learn and the words we share will only guide you part of the way. The rest is up to the person and how they choose to process this information.
Myself, the process of unlocking my thoughts and feelings has been both positive and negative. It has taught me that these feelings can be both a natural experience but also an experience created by core beliefs. What I did not realize is these core beliefs are set in a manner by which are taught learnt and created as a result of childhood experience. They mould you and hold your heart mind and soul in a type of limbo, until such a time as when you are ready to process and learn your truth. This has been a difficult time for myself as the process of learning who I am and where my truth lies is shut away inside what I call “The Darkness”. Will I ever truly understand my past and the thoughts and feelings that have grown as a result.
Is this really what needs to be achieved or is it a matter of understanding that these beliefs exist and may not all be true, rather then trying to repair the beliefs that already exist or is it more achievable to learn by them and create new ones and live by those.
This is the choice we all have to make. When the time comes and we are ready to follow the path of our truth, you will know what it is that is important and will choose to follow your true self.
So I wonder if this is a wise thought or is this the light bulb moment in my life. To be honest, I really dont care so long as I feel within my soul that this is everything I wanted to be in life and that what it is that I have discovered will be shared and taught to my children and their children and so on.
All that I wish to share with my readers is that you have the gift of life to change and be all that you desire. The people we grew up to be does not have to be the person we want to be. We have the power within ourselves to be all that we have ever desired.
Most important of all – It starts by Learning and believing to LOVE OURSELVES freely.
God Bless

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