This may shock some of you


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This may shock some of you

This may shock some of you…
but there are women who are
kickass drivers, love sex,
hate talking during movies,
don’t want your money and
always say exactly what they mean

51 responses to “This may shock some of you”

  1. Sugar Sugar Avatar

    And this may shock u……but there ar men out there who can’t handle a woman like dat……

  2. Julia Wanjohi Avatar

    Uuummmhh that’s ryt…preach sisters

  3. Marina Korol Avatar

    The lucky ones.. in what way though…?what a shock!!

  4. Janet Philippe Avatar

    Yes there are! 🙂

  5. Kit Jones Avatar

    This may surprise you but every human being on this planet is an individual with their own thoughts and feelings and while their concept of gender contributes to their identity it does not define who they are.

  6. Carrie Cornish Avatar

    That’s me except sometimes I ask questions in the movie – I never watch movies hard for me to sit still my nerve damage makes me jumpy

  7. Wish Kiss Avatar

    wish i can find one

  8. Claire Darrien Avatar

    I hate someone talking or asking during movies

  9. Paul Lin Avatar

    One day I’ll meet her, but more than likely I’ll walk this path alone until I see her when I close my eyes one final time.

  10. Stefan Cuculic Avatar

    True, but they are rare like unicorns 😛

  11. Daisy Cardona Avatar

    I do not like popcorn eaters during a movie, WAL!!!

  12. Heather Currey Avatar

    Jesus wept if this surprises anyone nowdays they must be very narrow minded…

  13. Rowe Williams Avatar

    I’m flabbergasted

  14. Janine Stranger Avatar

    hey – I tell people to shut up…

  15. Vida Solomon Avatar

    Yes, there are and that’s not a wonder.

  16. Pradeep Kumar Avatar

    Rupika Rangaswamy

  17. Daniel Maddy Avatar

    Jaimie-lee Smallwood reminds me of you.

  18. Cherry Elaine Martinez Avatar

    Yeah thats me 100% im strong in every way that counts true….

  19. Shikhar Singh Avatar

    Thats harley quinn
    & i need one

  20. Korra Nat Avatar

    Not shocked by this fact I can see someone like this around. What shocks me is that the men around here consider this kinds of women too good for them to be true!

  21. Mistir Yoso Avatar

    My kind of lady!

  22. Derek Smith Avatar

    I had one and lost her.

  23. Raquel Dacunos Avatar

    exactly…not so shocking but it’s true

  24. Hayles N Charlotte Avatar

    Courtney Laurie damn if only I didn’t talk in movies hahah

    1. Courtney Laurie Avatar

      yeah you are fucking hopeless during a movie lol

    2. Hayles N Charlotte Avatar

      well sorrrrryyyy!! I can’t help if I
      Like to discuss what’s going on or make predictions about the outcome!!

  25. Tammy-Michelle Tmlp Avatar

    This is true…but a lot of men seem to be intimidated by a strong woman. And yes, it does take a certain amount of maturity on BOTH parts.

  26. Jasmin Romero Avatar

    Charmayne Hernandez

  27. Phoenix Iram Avatar

    Kick ass driver ehem

  28. David Mihet Avatar

    Most these women are married or have kids already. Usually takes a certain maturity to find someone like that and these 20 year olds all care about is how big their ass looks in mirror pics.

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