There’s No Afterlife! Says A Man Who Died Twice

 September 19, 2018

There's No Afterlife! Says A Man Who Died Twice

Talking about what his close shaves with death taught him, he said that it has helped him accept that he is only mortal and will die one day. He now understands that none of his achievements will do him any good once he had passed on. They will only affect those that he would leave behind. Eliasson advised readers to come to terms with the fact that death is an essential part of life in order to get over the basic fear of death.

Though Eliasson has given up his bike in order to relieve the stress of those who care about him, his experiences have not changed his opinions on religion. He is still very much the atheist that he has always been and he even argued that no God would be merciless enough to make people and their families endure so much pain and suffering. He, however, admitted that he had hoped to see that there was some sort of Divine Power or afterlife, anything to prove that there was something greater than all of us out there but even knowing that that doesn’t exist has not changed him. He has accepted that there’s no higher power waiting out there, at least not in his own case. But even then, Eliasson believes that people should be allowed to believe in whatever they want to without forcing others to accept it. Everyone should have the freedom to talk about their own experiences.

Eliasson also strongly advocated for organ donation. He himself plans to donate all of his organs to those who need them when death actually comes for him. According to him, it is incredibly selfish to keep organs even after we cannot use them anymore when there are many others who could live healthy lives if we just donated.

Now that he’s back on his feet, he just wants to enjoy the rest of his life and help improve the lives of others. He hopes that reading his story will have a positive effect on people and will help them understand that there’s more to the world than arguing over their differences. One day, Eliasson hopes to live in a world where all beliefs are tolerated and that people will cast aside arbitrary man-made divisions to live together in peace and harmony.

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There's No Afterlife! Says A Man Who Died Twice

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