The Zodiac Signs As Marvel Characters

The Zodiac Signs As Marvel Characters

Zodiac Signs As Marvel Characters

Aries: Peter Quill
They are born leaders and they like to show it off! They are also very energetic and have a great sense of humour.

Taurus: Steve
They are highly loyal to their friends and loved ones, and they are trustworthy. They can sometimes take some things a bit too serious. Taurus also has great leadership skills.

Gemini: Tony
They are smart, clever thinkers and can solve even the biggest of things. Gemini’s are often misunderstood and known as selfish but they are the true hero on the inside.

Cancer: Wanda
They are very caring and protective and over emotional. They would do everything for their loved ones. They also have a very strong intuition, and are intelligent.

Leo: Thor
They often are said to be too selfish. Leo’s can be very arrogant, that’s true. But sometimes they want to be themselves and free, and enjoy life. They can be caring too.

Virgo: Bruce
Virgo’s are known for being very hardworking and are real workaholics. They sometimes not be in touch with what they really feel and they mostly find it hard to control their emotions.

Libra: Peter Parker
They are kind but also very sceptical. They can be very insecure about many things, but they would do everything for the ones they love. They are also very smart, smarter than they often actually seem to be.

Scorpio: Natasha
They seem to be serious most of the time and they are very mysterious and reserved against strangers. They are good at being secretive. They are also very stubborn and have a talent for being manipulative.

Sagittarius: Loki
Sagittarius is always said to be positive and optimistic, but they also have their dark times. They hate being disrespected, and they are over confident and flexible. They get manipulative and more unpredictable if treated bad.

Capricorn: Clint
They sometimes seem very serious and also very intelligent and they only want to do the right thing. They are also extremely exact about things, and they are very talented and loyal.

Aquarius: Dr. Strange
They are known for being smart and kind but they are also said to be unemotional. They are also strategic. They are also known to be different, and think outside of the box.

Pisces: Bucky
They are loving and known to put others above themselves. They are the great friend and very caring. They sometimes can’t separate his fantasy from the real world.

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