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The Zodiac Signs As Cute Dates

The Zodiac Signs As Cute Dates

The Signs As Cute Dates  

Aries: A spur-of-the-moment adventure.  

Taurus: Watching a movie at home and cuddling together on the couch.  

Gemini: Some kind of public sporting event.  

Cancer: Going to an art museum.  

Leo: Dinner and a movie.  

Virgo: Coffee date and ice skating.  

Libra: Going to the beach and walking hand-in-hand.

Scorpio: Live music/concert.  

Sagittarius: Going to a carnival or an amusement park.  

Capricorn: Going to an aquarium.  

Aquarius: Stargazing or going to an observatory.  

Pisces: A picnic in the park.

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