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The Zodiac Signs And Love

The Zodiac Signs and Love

Zodiac Signs and Love:

Aries: Someone comfortable, relaxed, someone who feels like home. The sort of person to sit down with a fresh cup of meat to watch your favorite colors and shapes on the image box.

Taurus: Demanding in the sense that they desire constant contact. Touch as a love language.

Gemini: Someone passionate and giving, someone who will take that extra step. The sort of person who loves you with their whole heart.

Cancer: An excellent kisser and a master with physical affection, speaks only in lies because they’re one of the two siblings from a riddle. Will let you in to their labyrinth of wishes.

Leo: Small but constant gestures. Remembers your favorite foods, favorite songs, the names of your friends, even the ones you haven’t mentioned. Always putting on puppet shows where the marionettes looks uncannily like people you know.

Virgo: Very cute, a bit of a space cadet. More than once, you’ll catch them idly staring at you, leading to a fit of bashful laughter. Puts in the effort.

Libra: Busy, driven, and solitary. Leaves you little notes around the house, responds thoughtfully to every text. Date nights go all out.

Scorpio: Tries to keep it cool and casual but is maybe a little bit smitten. Loves through acts of service and could honestly use some reassurance. Has died at least twice over the course of the relationship so far. Great hair.

Sagittarius: Writes you love letters, even though you talk every day. Talks a lot about the things they like and wants to share their interests with you and an excellent cook.

Capricorn: Teases you, cracks jokes, your own personal hype squad. Impulsive, and may not make the best decisions. Very protective of yoU.

Aquarius: Gives you space, understands that you have your own life, but enjoys every moment they spend with you. Occasionally vanishes when you blink but almost always comes back if you just blink again.

Pisces: Considerate, methodical, patient. Asks for your input on things. Intellectual conversation and spoils you.

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