The War Behind the Mask

Many will understand what rages behind the mask we wear.

The battle is only part of the war that started all those years ago. It is not something that was easily recognizable at the time and often it had been raging well before we had even known a war had been raging ( was raging inside ).
It is when the world inside and out has been traumatized beyond the ability to process and heal without the help of a professional. Meanwhile, as we continue on with our lives we put on a brave face to hide the pain that rages inside so that those around us believe that all is well.
As one who lives this life, you learn to suppress and hide all the pain and trauma that we shield from the rest of the world. After a while, it becomes a distant memory and sometimes long forgotten. We realize that the mask we wear does more the shield and suppress our past it often creates another persona that in time becomes deeply rooted into lives that when we are thrusted back into the battle it becomes even harder to cope with the pain that exists behind the mask.
This mask that we wear is not just the mask battling a war it can be a battle of acceptance and fitting in a world so different to what we are taught. A mask is a shield that we wear to hide many things about ourselves that we don’t want to share.

It becomes so automated that half the time we do not even realize we have done so.

My life has become a journey of healing and rediscovery Learning how to remove the mask I created. It is a learning process however it can be done with time and the willingness to revisit the battles we faced and buried behind the mask.
It is understandable to feel there is no hope of seeing things any different to now. However, I do believe that once we are able to move forward beyond the mask and let it go. You just need to know that with strength and willingness, for which already exists because you are here fighting, living your life.

Nothing is impossible.

I hope that with these words you can find the courage to know that you are Amazing and you do have the Strength to live beyond the mask created to hide from the world.
With Blessings

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