The Heart Sees It All

The Heart Sees It All
Karthik Parthasarathy

The heart sees it all,
Those who helped,
And those who stabbed,
The ones who are friends,
And the ones who are fake to the ends,
The lot who are genuine,
And them who are in it only for the win.
The heart sees it all.
The only question is,
"What does it do about it?"


Sarrvesh Waran

Through my eyes I watch.
Through my heart I see.

Sulekha Pande

I use my eyes to look,
but, my heart,
to see.

Prakhar Chandra

The heart of vision.


Veronica Zydowicz

Look, look deeply.
Catch the glimpse of that beautiful eyes!
If you know the key to their doors,
you will have their heart
on your hands forever after all


Sarrvesh Waran

Opening the inner eye
Is worth a try.
To see things as they are.
But believing good things are not so far.
To truly see with the heart.
That is the divine part.
Not many have mastered this art.

Nancy Shurkoff

The heart sees what it wants to see,
feels what it wants to feel,
and loves who it wants to love.
It has a mind of its own.

Jojo Gonzales

The greatest disability
is the blindness of the heart.
How could you lose the part of you
who sees nothing but souls.

Hrisha Paul

And who says love is blind!
I feel with my eyes,
and see with my heart.

Rinku Shah

What the eyes can’t see,
the heart can.

Hina Jain

Sometimes the heart sees
the invisible feelings of mine.

Barbara Bauer

My heart has an eye for you.

Karen MacLeod

An awakened heart
is always open
to see before it feels.


Anindya J Ganguly

Through my inner conscience, I see
The truth, the lies & all the tragedies
Those the folks around concoct & weave
For they have their tales to conceives.

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