The Different Types Of Zodiac Couples

The Different Types Of Zodiac Couples

Zodiac Couples

The On And Off Couple: Aquarius/Cancer, Cancer/Aries, Gemini/Pisces

The Intelligent Couple: Aquarius/Gemini, Virgo/Libra, Aries/Aquarius

The Adventurous Couple: Aquarius/Sagittarius, Aries/Sagittarius, Gemini/Libra

The Fancy Couple: Virgo/Leo, Scorpio/Scorpio, Virgo/Virgo

The ‘How Do They Stand Each Other’ Couple: Cancer/Aquarius, Gemini/Scorpio, Aries/Cancer

The ‘Has Been Together Since Forever’ Couple: Capricorn/Taurus, Capricorn/Pisces, Leo/Libra

The ‘Netflix And Actually Chill’ Couple: Taurus/Taurus, Cancer/Taurus, Sagittarius /Sagittarius

The Perfect Couple: Gemini/Aquarius, Cancer/Cancer, Libra/Gemini, Aquarius/Aries

The Worst Couple: Aries/Cancer, Cancer/Aquarius, Aries /Sagittarius

The Random Couple: Gemini/Capricorn, Aquarius/Leo, Virgo/Libra

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