The best feeling in the whole world

The best feeling in the whole world

8 thoughts on “The best feeling in the whole world”

  1. Na …. to me its fining that place where all the BS becomes incredibly funny … and no longer needs me or you to change it. The mirrors of stupidity are there for a reason. Ta Da!

    1. It is the lulls you look forward to. Each storm is not the same, each meant to test or teach. Yet, the lulls becomes precious. You don’t sit in them worrying about the storm you just came through or the one coming up. That is why they are called lulls. They prepare, allow you to reflect and enjoy it. I have never had a storm which lasted longer than necessary. If so, that is not a storm, that is a way of life caused by a decision not one’s best interest. Storms are not indefinite by their nature.O:)

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