The beating of our hearts

Even when we have no one else, we have ourselves

12 thoughts on “The beating of our hearts”

  1. Whats the use of having ourselves, if we don,t find "inner peace" in ourselves, even after under going horrible calamities, hardtimes in spiritual life for decades? All these are nonsense or our path is wrong.

  2. True πŸ™‚ and it is so evident and acknowledgeable reality of life! Yet at times, how pitiful and helpless we feel…and the only resort to avoid this is to constantly practice sole reliance on God, even when situations are tempting and assurances are convincing! Dont be abnormally cautious or suspicious in relationships BUT just remain aware of uncertainities in life, with a belief that ONLY those shall last in your life, who are meant to… for a reason inherited from the past as well as continued into future! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, i agree we are never alone…
      God is always with us.
      Look at the sun it seems alone but continously gives sunshine.
      People shall practice giving sunshine out to the world to make a better happy place.
      It's the positivity in life that helps us shine!

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