The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples

Most Toxic Zodiac Couples

3. Virgo + Gemini

Virgo is an Earth sign and Gemini is an Air sign. Virgos are practical and realistic and Geminis are dreamers and idealistic. Geminis don’t like to stay in one place for a long time and are always excited to see what more the world has to offer, and that’s why they are always on the move. They believe in ideas and visions and don’t really worry about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.

Virgos are dreamers too but they are very practical and focus on how to actually get things done. They have an analytical mind and they have a hard time doing things with an idealistic frame of mind. If Geminis don’t come down to get their hands dirty with Virgo and contribute in any practical way, Virgo will ultimately get tired and call it quits. They can never see eye to eye with anything. Now you see, why they are one of the toxic zodiac couples on the list?


4. Libra + Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign and Libra an Air sign. Loyalty matters the most to Taurus, and this can sometimes make them feel over-possessive and insecure about their partner. This ends up making Libra feel too suffocated since they are quite outgoing and don’t suffer from trust issues like Taurus. At the same time, both these signs are very headstrong and uncompromising, and even a small decision like deciding the color of the curtains can blow up the tension between them.

Taurus cares for tenderness and emotional connection in a relationship and Libra relies on good timing, openness, and depth. Another reason they clash with each other is due to their stubborn natures, where both of them refuse to back down. Compatibility is a challenge in their relationship, and they just don’t get each other on an emotional level and end up driving each other crazy.


5. Scorpio + Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs and therefore highly emotional but what makes them different from each other is how they express their emotions, especially in relationships. Scorpios can be reckless and extremely insensitive in their way of communicating, whereas Pisces communicates with a lot of subtlety, and softness.

Both are free-spirited signs, bubbling with intense emotions and want to live life to the fullest but Scorpios have a tendency to feel jealous and can make Pisces feel stifled by expecting them to be with Scorpio all the time, and craving all their affection and attention. Scorpios have a hard time giving space to Pisces, and this causes a lot of problems between them.

While both of them are looking for an ideal partner to sweep them off their feet, both the signs feel emotions too deeply and cannot handle discords well as their intense emotions together just end up making their problems worse.


6. Sagittarius + Cancer

Sagittarius is a fiery fire sign and Cancer is a cardinal water sign. They just don’t have a ton in common going for them, and compatibility? Zilch. Zero. Nada. Sagittarius likes to explore and have new experiences while Cancer is a homebody. Sagittarius wants to explore and experiment but Cancer wants to connect deeply and emotionally. Both of them try to understand each other because their opposite natures attract them initially but their immense differences eventually burn them out.

They might try to make things work out with each other, but their drastically different personalities never let them. They are simply too different, and the more they try to fit together, the more problems they end up having. They are one of those toxic zodiac couples who have absolutely no chances of ever being with each other forever.


So, these are all the toxic zodiac couples in the world of astrology. Which zodiac sign do you and your partner belong to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples of all
6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples
Most Toxic Zodiac Couples pin
The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Couples
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