Story Of A Boy And Girl

story of a boy and girl feature



  • I saw her today.
  • It seems like it has been forever.
  • She looks better than before.
  • I asked her how she was going.
  • I’d pick her over any girl I’m with.
  • I can’t even look at her without crying.
  • I told her I miss her.
  • I meant it. I love her.
  • I held her for the last time.
  • Then I went home and cried.
  • I lost her.


  • I saw him today.
  • I wonder if he still cares.
  • I couldn’t stop staring at him.
  • I asked him about his new girlfriend.
  • He’s probably really happy now.
  • He couldn’t even look at me.
  • He didn’t mean it.
  • He loves his new girlfriend.
  • He gave me a friendly hug.
  • Then I went home and cried.
  • I love him…

Louisa Alcott