Sourcing the Light Within

The essence of just one woman sharing her thoughts in hopes to invoke thought and bring joy and hope to others, is something I feel is needed to bring back the communal bond that would have existed in a time before modern society. I realize that we have evolved and modern technology has made life more civilised, yet I also feel that we have lost the source of light that bonds us together as a community. We hide behind our wants and needs hoping to better ourselves and prove that we are a productive member of society.

The sacrifice we have given away is something that is now lost and become the pawn in a chess game. I am only one woman, I am a mother and wife and friend, however I am a Spiritual Being sourcing the light within. I am a lightworker here to help others through my writings, it is a gift that I wish to share with all my readers. I share my thoughts in the hope that someone who reads feels they have connected with the words and realizes that they are not alone, they have the same source of light within themselves that provides them with the strength to get through that day.

Learning this isn’t hard, however it does take patients and the willingness to work at what it is that you wish to achieve. I am always looking to understand myself and why as a lightworker I chose to work through this contract of life. My Journey is the road I walk to return to the source of life. I have accepted that this is my path, I will not profess to say I have achieved my purpose in life, though I would like to think I have made a dent hahaha.

As the reader, I understand that you may find it hard to believe you can achieve anything, especially when you feel you are at your lowest. We may have lost the bond as a communal group to prove a source of light. I want to tell you that regardless do not allow yourself to become the pawn in a chess game, Don’t hide behind the life made more civilized. Reach out, be the beacon for others, source your purpose and bring back the light within. Share your story, Show those around you that you are not afraid to step out and be the light for others. I am only one, but together we can be strong and brighten the light at the source.

Blessings to you all

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Farzeen Khan

Nice work. Kindly do read… Read more »

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