Solitude And Loneliness

Solitude And Loneliness

April is the 4th month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the 2nd month of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The month to have the length of 30 days. April’s birthstone is diamond and the birth flower is Daisy or the Sweet Pea. The zodiac signs of April are Aries and Taurus. From the name of the month, it originally derived from Latin Aperire which means ‘to open’ referring to the opening and blossoming of flowers and trees. April means Aphrodite’s Month. The Goddess of Love and Beauty. In Catholic tradition, April is the Month of the Resurrection of the Lord. On the first day of the month, it falls the ‘April Fool’s Day’ that brings us plenty of shenanigans. April has many observances and there are lists that do not necessarily imply either official status nor general observances. Two of these observances are the ‘National Poetry Month’ and ‘National Poetry Writing Month.’

And here is one poem I have prepared for the ‘National Poetry Month’ and ‘National Poetry Writing Month’ that I guess, will strike most nearly to the heart. I gathered my most beautiful paper and pen, and my most beautiful thoughts. Sitting by the window flooded by the most beautiful sunlight ever.
I remember.
I feel.
I yearn.
And, I’ve come up with these beautiful words sealed with the sweetest kiss:

“Solitude and Loneliness”
Bea C. Pilotin

To you,
Wherever life takes you,
I wish you happiness and love.
I wish you have all the power to start again.
And live a life you are proud of.

As for me,
I will leave you to your bliss and happiness.
Because I know, a day will eventually come
I’d be able to learn the difference between solitude and loneliness.
And feel beloved on earth once again.

I promise,
I will live my life to the fullest.
I will look forward to my future with hope and anticipation.
I will start living a life to see the beauty
in most of the people who will cross path with me.

If the heart has a memory somewhere in time,
In the vast lingering landscape of the mind,
These words will forever be inscribed.

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