Social Snobbery!

Social Snobbery!

‘Everything that shines may blind you or all that glitters is not gold’, as the saying goes.

We humans tend to lean towards good looks rather than knowing the inherent qualities of a person, their characteristics, or take time to think before judging a person or a thing. Later, when beauty with intrinsic deception reveal to our senses, we put the blame on others and look for solid justifications to prove ourselves right. But in reality, we have become a victim.

Yes! I am pointing out snobbery which is a behavior to ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek connection with people regarded as social superiors. Before I move on further, I’d like to put light on a common issue that we humans put label on each other when our intrinsic features surface.

Well! Don’t we check label of Jam bottle for ingredients, preservation and expiry date before actually buying it? It is because it is available on label. The only difference between snob and an ordinary person is that a snob looks for which famous Company produces it, which a common person doesn’t even bother.

We all know that snobs usually have sheer pride of buying expensive things or value luxury lifestyle and show-off deliberately to upset others and take their reaction. This feeds them pleasure, sometimes it seems like that their good fortune has given them a license to prove their ISO Certification and dominance to the contemporary society.

There are various types of snobbishness exist in our society such as social, intellectual, material and inverted snobbery. A social snob looks for the compatible companion to hang out and for them beauty, tone and body language matter. While an intellectual snob often hunting for similar company or audience to express and impress with their abundance of knowledge and skills. You see! Materialistic snob is always waiting for ostentatious opportunities to display creature comforts and soothing away themselves by comparing with lower status community. Last but not least, the inverted snob who frowns upon high social standing and proud of low social position.

Then, there’s the lower middle class who is either struggling to become the upper middle class or pretending to be a member of aristocracy and imitating stylish lifestyle even if they go bankrupt.

People who come from dysfunctional or non-educational family background can be pinpointed to neglect their previous life quickly when fortune hits suddenly. They turn out to be more prominent figure in surroundings when they expose recent wealth with heavy pride on their shoulders.

According to moral philosophy of people, It is something when persons become characterless they emphasize standard, as defensive mechanism. Having a standard of character is worthy of attention. On the other hand, some people argue by saying that they flaunt what they have, if somebody has a problem then they should check level of envy in their blood.

Conventional Wisdom: “Be humble and humanize with compassion.”

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