And Slowly Woman Chisels Away

And Slowly Woman Chisels Away
Charles Baker

And slowly
woman chisels away
at the stranglehold man
has had on her
for centuries!

Mary Angelica

There I was in an empty room,
having my own world
filled with darkness and loneliness…
As I saw a ray of hope,
I’m starting to find ways to break free
and create a better version me.

Oindrila Majumder

Every time you capture Me,
I’ll sculpt myself differently
away from your clutches.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Sculpting me out from his grasp,
Bit by bit, chip by chip,
As tough as it is,
The right thing to do, I know.
Not as easy task, this is,
To bring the hammer down
on the relationship,
But to get some air and not to choke,
The right thing to do, I know.

Rachel Leahanna Amburgey

And so she chipped away
at society’s iron fist
the grasp of expectation
others held on her.
She realized that
who she was meant to be
was someone who wasn’t
what people expected them to be.


Karen MacLeod

Release thyself
from the judgment
and stronghold
of attachment.

Hrisha Paul

There will be many such grips.
Your courage is the hammer
& faith is your chisel.
Honor yourself enough
to shape your next move.

Sherry Greene

You won’t let go
Your grip is tight
I’ll chip away
Each day and night
I will be free
From your hold real soon
And then I’ll fly
Far away from you

Sherry Greene

Chip away, one strike at a time,
and you will eventually be free
of that which imprisons you.

Sulekha Pande

Carving out my freedom
from the clutches
that capture me.


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