Slowly cutting the ties that bind.

Faith Dunsmuir


Slowly cutting the ties
that bind.




Beware of the upper hand,
That influence us with a slave strand.
All it takes is a cut
To break ourselves free.
We are all our own destiny makers
Is what everyone should see.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Not a puppet anymore,
No, I have woken up.
You can’t make me dance
To your tunes, not anymore.
The strings that you hold,
To control me, I am severing it.
Not a puppet no more,
No, I surely have woken up.


Tanu Malhotra


No more a puppet will I act 
in the name of ‘destined to be’.
With one’s deeds man can change
 even the pre-destined.
Responsible will I be to watch my thoughts, 
words and action and take back control 
to re-do and correct my wrongs..
I may not get the Un-done results, 
but will certainly rectify the damage, 
the harm.
Divya Tuli Garg


Don’t be a mere puppet of destiny.
Cut the strings that hold you back
Let yourself free 
and have your own identity. 
Amal Jaradat


Cut the string
rebuild your self
and resume your life

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