Shared Traits Between The Neighboring Signs


Shared Traits Between The Neighboring Signs

Shared Traits Between The Neighboring Zodiac Signs

Aries and Taurus: Both are very passionate when interested in something, have a temper and hate dishonesty

Taurus and Gemini: Both tend to look at things logically, can be huge procrastinators and love to enjoy things

Gemini and Cancer: Both are loyal to the ones they choose, have a good sense of humor and are good at reading others

Cancer and Leo: Both are insanely generous, considerate of others and love comfort

Leo and Virgo: Both are strong and prideful, need to be in control and require reassurance

Virgo and Libra: both have a good eye for details, tend to be self-critical and are good with people

Libra and Scorpio: Both want to be loved, tend to be magnetic to others and are emotionally intelligent

Scorpio and Sagittarius: Both are dynamic, value deep and meaningful conversations and can be intense

Sagittarius and Capricorn: Both tell it like it is, have a lot of goals and dreams and know what they want

Capricorn and Aquarius: both can seem aloof and detached, need time to open up and want positive change

Aquarius and Pisces: both are humanitarian and original, good at understanding others and tend to stand out

Pisces and Aries: both are sweet unless provoked, protective of their loved ones and creative

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