What Did You See First – Your Answer Will Reveal How Others See You

It is nice to believe that one does not care what others think about him/her but the ground reality remains the same- consciously or not, we are always behaving or acting in a certain way so as to form a positive impression on others.

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Now wouldn’t it be nice if after all that time and effort, you could have a look inside somebody’s mind and for once know what they think of you? This picture test might actually help you in knowing that. Just glance at this picture and the first thing you perceive will tell what your companions might think of you. So are you ready?

When you first looked at this picture did you see the body of a woman or the face of a man?

What Did You See First - Your Answer Will Reveal How Others See You

If you saw the body of a woman:

It implies that your character bend is towards generosity. Those around you admire the positive outlook you have about life. When in a group, your efficiency speaks for itself and you are considered to be a highly motivated individual. You commit yourself to a goal and follow it through.

You are also known for your interpersonal skills. You are sharp at picking up the subtle signals in your surroundings and the emotions of others and how they move their body. You are empathetic and are careful not to hurt anyone by your words.

However since you get easily affected by the energy around you, you are very selective when it comes to which people you would have around you. You are at balance with your own emotional state and can easily set healthy boundaries when it comes to others.


2  If you saw the face of a man:

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You are good at keeping your emotions and feelings to yourself. Looking at you a person won’t be able to tell even if you are deeply bothered by something. In a group, you are known for your leadership and high energy levels.

You are very analytic and firm in your decisions. Though you might be called easy going, doesn’t mean you blindly follow the crowd. You are curious and straightforward and people like to be around you as you have a very strong positive aura.

Since you value the people in your life greatly, you always put them before you. However, sometimes you feel you need to be reassured that you are loved as well.


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What Did You See First - Your Answer Will Reveal How Others See You

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