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Reasons To Be Friends With The Signs

reasons to be friends with the signs

Reasons to be friends with the signs:
Aries- Is the best company you can have.
Taurus- Gives the best gifts.
Gemini- Can be your partner in crime.
Cancer- Is always available to cuddle with you.
Leo- Makes you food.
Virgo- Takes you to the best restaurants in town.
Libra- Loves to talk… About anything.
Scorpio- Is always there for you, no matter what.
Sagittarius- Could do anything to see you smile.
Capricorn- Drives you home when you’re drunk.
Aquarius- Comes to your house to talk about Freud.
Pisces- Remembers your birthday.

Stephen Sansa

I love astrology and everything even remotely related to it. For me, everything is written in the stars, and zodiac signs are one of the best ways to understand and know a person. As long as it is about horoscopes, astrology and sun signs, count me in!View Author posts