How Do The Zodiac Signs Hype Themselves Up?


How Do The Zodiac Signs Hype Themselves Up?

Aries: Pounds their bare chest in the mirror while playing blaring music

Taurus: Wears a great outfit to the hotel bar to get flirted with

Gemini: Enlists their friends and fans to sing their praises

Cancer: Puts lacy lingerie set on underneath their modest clothes

Leo: Feigns self-doubt so people shower them with reassurance

Virgo: Mentally runs through bullet points of their own capabilities

Libra: Stands in the mirror and rehearses the conversation they’re nervous about

Scorpio: Goes on a long solo walk to get into the zone

Sagittarius: Imagines their dreams so clearly that they become real

Capricorn: Downplays the stakes to convince themselves they don’t care

Aquarius: Reminds themselves they’re more intriguing than others

Pisces: Doesn’t have to hype themselves up because people find their slight social clumsiness endearing

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