Protective Side Of The Zodiac Signs

Protective Side Of The Zodiac Signs

Your Protective Side

Aries: Protects by uncovering the truth of other’s bad intentions, standing up for you, pointing out what dis-empowers you.

Taurus: Protects by giving sanctuary or stability, by accompanying you places, subtle warnings or guidance.

Gemini: Protects by giving you a heads up of another’s plan or their suspicions.

Cancer: Protects by sheltering or coddling, ward off or confront those hurting you, being a secret keeper.

Leo: Protects by defending you, empowering you or teaching you to fight for yourself/stand up for yourself.

Virgo: Protects you by giving you the resources you need, being reliable, doing the worrying for you.

Libra: Protects with white lies, helping you mend relationships or playing mediator.

Scorpio: Protects by keeping you physically and emotionally close.

Sagittarius: Protects by encouraging you or helping you to escape a bad situation and help you find out the truth.

Capricorn: Protects by being a voice of reason, sometimes by attempting to restrict or put boundaries around you.

Aquarius: Protects by showing you how to protect and empower yourself, will aid in escaping, expressing, or rebelling.

Pisces: Protects by sheltering or with escapism, helps you read your gut or question your decisions.


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