Please, Just Trust The Timing Of Your Life

please just trust the timing of your life

Please, just trust the timing of your life.
You don’t have to have it all figured out by a certain age,
you don’t have to chase a version of success
that does not inspire you.
You just have to learn about yourself.
You have to keep doing the work, not just physically,
but emotionally.
You have to learn about who you are
on a foundational level,
you have to understand what you deeply value, what ignites your soul, what makes you want to get up in the morning, and you have to choose that every single day. You have to stand up for it. You have to leap towards that hope, even when it’s scary, even when you’re the only one dreaming in that direction. Because there’s no point in moving quickly towards a life you don’t want. There’s no point in doing everything right if you are just going to end up unhappy. No ó you are not failing at life. You are not falling behind because you are moving at a different pace than those around you. You are not odd, or delusional, if your dreams do not look like the ones society told you to have when you were younger. You are making your life your own. You are growing into your future. Never be ashamed of that.

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