Our words matter

 July 06, 2016

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  1. I survived adultery My husband and I will be married 6years in August. We have 3 beautiful children. Our youngest was just 1yr old when my husband began his affair. I found out only an hour before my Grandma’s funeral, through a text, from the other woman’s husband. I didn’t know him at all. Never met him. But it was a screenshot of a sudden conversation he found on his wife’s phone between her and my husband. My life changed forever that day. I felt the loss of 2 people I loved deeply. I reached a level of pain I didn’t even know was possible. The affair went on for 2 years. It was a very sexual affair and I learned so many intimate details, the images in my head were unbearable. The other woman had been married for 17 years with 2 kids. Her husband made her leave and she found a house to rent that her family owned. So my husband moved in with her. Neither of them had even filed for divorce, they simply left their families and thought they could start one of their own. This went on for several months. It was hell. The damage done to our marriage, to our family, and especially to our children was devastating. So I did the only thing I knew to do…PRAY!!! Fortunately for me I came across PROPHET OGUNKAYE who told me God is a miracle worker and NOTHING is impossible with Him. He restores marriages. He can do anything! My marriage was so broken no human being could put it back together, but God used the Prophet….AND HE DID!! Through the Prophet, God brought us back together. I wish I could put into words the joy I feel in my heart! Prophet worked all the bad into something amazing! So I don’t say this lightly. I KNOW it’s not easy. I’ve been there. I’ve been to the darkest, most hopeless place one could be in a marriage. But I never gave up and also sought for help. Our kids are doing better than ever! I have forgiven my husband and he’s now more dedicated than ever. I’m glad to have my husband and my home back. So many people are going through different problems, Never give up hope! And seek help. Take the time to consult PROPHET OGUNKAYE on [email protected]. Focus on putting yourself back together and being the best wife/husband you can be. Be patient, be prayerful and always seek help.

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