Osho on The Word F*ck and Why It’s The Most Versatile Word in English


Osho on Word Fuck

Osho on the versatility of using the word “FUCK” by people across the world. It is very humorous and you are bound to keep laughing irrespective of the number of times you read this

Let me tell you a fascinating story about Osho no. He has been hailed all over the world as the most controversial guru, simply because of how brazen and uninhibited he is. This story will grant you an insight into his mind.

One of his students asked him a question, and said that he felt immensely uncomfortable whenever he used the word “f*ck” and he did not know what to do. The master had an interesting answer for him.

Osho said that the word “f*ck” is one of the most versatile words ever and completely unique to the English language. This word can be used to describe an array of emotions and the person on the other end would understand exactly what one is saying. It can be used as a verb, noun, adjective- anything. The charm lies in the fact that the word today is also used as a unit of measurement, I kid you not. You might have heard people say, “That car is expensive as f*ck”.

Keeping the literal and general meaning aside, the word can be used in day to day conversation to express an emotion that cannot quite be expressed through another word. When someone says that they are f*cked, you know the degree of the problem that they are in, which would not have been as clear if they used another word. This is a fact.

There are innumerable phrases that can be enhanced by this one word and what is more, you can add this word anywhere in a sentence and it would still make sense.

Example: You can put “f*ck”, or “f*cking” pretty f*cking much f*cking anywhere in a f*cking sentence and f*cking still be grammatically f*cking correct.
Good stuff, eh?

Osho also says that there is no other word that takes out one’s frustration mildly as well as this word. The satisfaction one feels after saying “f*ck off” to someone who has been bothering them, is ten thousand times more than the satisfaction one might say something like “buzz off”, or “get lost”.

Osho also says that when you say the phrase every morning when you wake up at least five to seven times, it does wonders for the throat.

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Now that all of this has been said and if one has picked up on what Osho actually means to say, you would know that what he is trying to say is that there is no use holding back when it comes to expressing one’s emotions. One should be clear about what they are feeling and let it out; holding in things it might cause us to feel more uncomfortable and congested.

Osho has been regarded as a revolutionary spiritual leader all over the world with his not exactly traditional views of everything in this world. He speaks his mind and does not hold back. People all over the world have appreciated and praised his openness about things that should be spoken about, but are not, because of the rules of society.

In fact, the Dalai Lama has spoken about how enlightened Osho was a number of times, saying that his movement to help the humankind at large is commendable.

For those who are still wondering who Osho is,

Born as Chandra Mohan Jain, he did not quite like names. In fact, he did not like most things that had to do with the norms of society. He changed his name to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh but after a while, he gave up on a name altogether. He said that he did not want to be named but after much discussion, he agreed to be called ‘Osho’. He only agreed because of what the word means. Osho himself has said that his name is a word that describes an experience that has to do with the ocean.

Osho was a spiritual teacher and healer before he died of congestive heart failure in the year 1990. He is renowned for his belief in the unity of opposites. There are many similarities drawn between him and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as they both believe that good and bad are social constructs. He has also been compared to D. H Lawrence, as they were both major believers of the concept of sexual freedom.

Osho is known to have said that all men, no matter who they are and where they come from have it in them to gain enlightenment and he also believed that all of us can love unconditionally when free of our own ego.

Sexual liberation and freedom feature widely in his teachings and he was one of the most prominent spokespeople of acceptance. He said that sex and sexuality are a part of us and there is no reason to subdue our needs and desires. To survive, one must satisfy all his or her needs.

Check out the video of Osho and his views on the word fuck below!

Osho and his views on the word fuck
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Osho on Fck - Why It's The Most Beautiful and Versatile Word in English Language
Osho On Fuck
Osho on Word Fuck pin
Osho On The Word F*Ck And Why It’s The Most Versatile Word In English

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