Only Real Connections Start First Above The Shoulders

Only Real Connections Start First Above The Shoulders
Sylvia Pellicone

Only real connections
start first above the shoulders❤



Archana Gupta

Without women power
men existence has no meaning.



Karthik Parthasarathy

The yin to my yang,
The positive to my negative,
Keeps the electricity going,
Just based on our mere connection.
We fit so well together,
No wonder we are made for each other.


Rinku Shah

‘To fit in’ is something
I never wanted to.
And with You
there’s nothing else
I really want to do
The sparks flew,
As our love grew

Felicia Holmes

Needing a connection
to feel empowered.



Basava Chandana Valli


With the right one
we feel complete.


Divya Tuli Garg


Love is the electricity
That plug two souls together
to recharge their batteries
And complete the connection.



Debra Pry

When the connection is strong,
you feel the electricity.



Brian Finnigan

Let’s amp up this relationship!



Sahiti Garapati

The right connection
will give you power in life to be you



Jill Yakowenko

 You and I create electricity together.

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