Only A Mom Knowingly And Lovingly Allows You To Manipulate

Rinku Shah


Only a Mom knowingly
and Lovingly
Allows you to manipulate
and pull the strings of her heart,
Unconditional love is an Art!


Karthik Parthasarathy


Pulling her heartstrings
Playing her like a puppet,
Easily done with that person called mom,
She would know it too,
Yet she would love to be played.
The epitome of sweetness
Nothing else could even come closer.



Karen MacLeod

A Mother's Love is not a puppet
even though the strings from her heart
are easily pulled from the very start.



Sulekha Pande

The heart of a mother is vulnerable,
Pulling the puppet strings is abominable



Sulekha Pande

Manipulating a mother's emotions

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