Once You Connect With An Awakened woman

Once You Connect With An Awakened woman

Once you connect with an awakened woman, understand that she will not entertain your ego nor play on lower vibrational frequencies with you. This means you must either rise up and meet her where she is, or be prepared to vibrate out of her experience altogether. None of it is personal, All of it is vibrational. Level up, or vibrate out. She doesn’t mind either way.

29 thoughts on “Once You Connect With An Awakened woman”

  1. Dat is bij mannen hetzelfde als je terug kijkt op wat je had relationeel stelde dat totaal niks voor met wat je nu hebt rust vertrouwen geen geheimen enz….dat echt een groot verschil tussen 3d en 5d

    1. The wrong woman don’t. But please don’t put us all in the same boat. There’s still good woman out there that just wants that pure love with no hidden agenda. If I still have hope to find a good man after all I’ve been through, you can as well. Thinking positive will attract the right people 🙂

    2. On the contrary Trent…true love isn’t giving up yourself to fit into someone else’s mold, isn’t committing a lifetime to someone or something that isn’t authentic, isn’t needy, isn’t dependent, isn’t what society says it is…

    3. 9/10 women are like that so when I say “women” I’m talking about the majority , now yeah I could have said it that way to make dumb people feel better but the smart people got the just of what I was saying

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