No Ones Willing To help Re Charge

Sophie Brown

No ones willing to help recharge
after running you down.
Be careful who is using your energy,
reserve some for your self

Severina Afrodita

I found myself
where I did not belong
I loitered out here far too long
I met people who thought
I was no one
I was stuck,
afraid, and lonesome;
I was done.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Lost the will to live,
The desire to be loved,
Little did I realize,
All I needed was a battery change.
A fresh boost of motivation,
From self or from outside,
That is all I need,
To get up and running in life.

Sarrvesh Waran

She is lying down.
She is breaking down.
That’s it she feels.
Already has so much
that has to heal.
Can’t take no more.
Every day’s just becoming worse
than the day before

Rinku Shah

Low on motivation
So you seek validation
Need appreciation
STOP! Time to recharge.
Remember, it’s your life
and you are in charge.
Slow down, rest till you’re ready
To pace ahead this time steady!

Karen MacLeod

The lost energy
of a woman’s selfless love
is a naked pain with no incentive
to continue living life sane.
The cost of this loss
will keep her weak
and unable to lift herself up
without a valid reason
to recharge once again.

Drishti Nagdeo

No need to hurry, darling,
Time will, as it is, run out.
Take risks and
live your wildest dream.
All fears, you must redeem.
Charge yourself up
before life discharges you forever!

Roma Thomas

I haven’t crossed my expiry date yet.
I’ve just been running out of energy off late.
Just a streak of current and I’ll be up.
All I need is a recharge of care and love.

Debra Pry

When life gets you down,
recharge it.

Sulekha Pande

Energize yourself,
don’t wait for others
to recharge your batteries.

Jason Jewell

Motivation doesn’t just stop on its own.
It stops because
we no longer recognize its presence

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