Namaste [nah-mas-tay] sanskrit;

– my soul recognizes your soul, I honour the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me, in sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us, we are the same, we are one.

37 responses to “Namaste”

  1. Deb Yanowski Avatar

    I learned the meaning of this when I took my 8 week MBSR class. Beautiful. namaste

  2. Phyllis Lucas Avatar

    Explains everything.

  3. Pat Price Avatar

    watched marigold hotel they all said that genuine wonderwd what it meant namaste:)

  4. Ivan-Noel Duran Avatar

    Ines Celdran Garcia

  5. Jennifer Sebits Avatar

    That was very touching. Thank you for that message. I needed it today. ❤️?

  6. Sanyukta Rawat Avatar

    Namaste…! The God inside me bows to the God inside you..

  7. Ayushi Akre Avatar

    hey when you will done please show me also……cause this is our language and we will be honoured if you will make it.

  8. Manyur KHiing Avatar

    Blessing Salangsang

    1. Blessing Salangsang Avatar

      patattoo ko yn i like hehe

  9. Anna Leah Moon Avatar

    One of the most beautiful greetings ever..Namaste everyone!

  10. Swati Shrivastava Avatar

    I feel so proud that word is originates in my country and uses it daily "the Great India " ☺

  11. Usha Madan Avatar

    We have a lot of such wonderful thoughts in Sanskrit,which is called as "devanagara lipi" meaning Devine language….
    "Subhashitani " is one such collection of quotes in Sanskrit which is a treasure of wisdom.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Sounds interesting. Will go through it.

    2. Usha Madan Avatar

      Su ….good ,bhashitani… Saying

    3. Karina Sukharyeva Avatar

      Very very good!!! Make you think and analyze 🙂

  12. Bic Mitchum Avatar

    This is beautiful.

  13. Fabiana Zeitter Avatar

    Such a few people one can say this to, but when it happens is magic

  14. Cynthia F. Rodavia Avatar

    The words that are sensitive and straight from and to the heart which are trully heartfelt and remarkabke,not to be used colloquial. LUCKY IS THE PERSON WHO RECEIVED THESE WORDS.

  15. Thabit Mfaume Avatar

    "…………………there is no distance and no difference between us,we are the same,we are one".Surely,I like it.

  16. Phyllis Lucas Avatar

    Beautiful words.

  17. Clare Connor Avatar

    Alex McGuire for ur tattoo mabeys?? X

    1. Alex McGuire Avatar

      I was just looking at the meaning of that the other day,how in sync!
      Getting it this week as off work til Friday x

    2. Clare Connor Avatar

      Seriously !?! Wow lol great minds 🙂 cant wait to see a pic wen its done x

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