My Star P-papa

– My Star P-papa –

“I wanted my own stars since the very beginning”, she said to herself.

“Since the time my mumma sang to me my first lullaby, since granny narrated the first fairy tale to me. Since p-papa walked me along the sandy beach, on the bluey night, full of stars I couldn’t reach…

He had said to me, “One day I will give you the best Star, which will take you to the moon and ride you away from me, far and far there away it’ll be…”

Oh how I hated to hear it then! His words would fill me up with dilemma and teary eyed I would return, “No p-papa! I don’t want that star… or anything which pulls us apart!…”

“…For me you are my universe and to you I wanna hold on. Never let go, not for the brightest Sun or Moon…”

And today, here I am, all alone.. my P-papa’s gone and I sit each night and try so hard, to fish that One Star, in which resides my P-papa.

Yes! So I do have a star now, but I know it more when he’s gone… He’s my p-papa, my Star p-papa.. and like him there’s no other, no more….


– – – Lifeline Creations By Tanu©


Image Source: 68.tumblr. com


Lifeline Creations by Tanu©