My Life As a Show, Every Single Day. My Make Believe Play Of Living Life My Way.

Rinku Shah 

And then I think I decided
 to be the captain of my fate…
The writer of my story
though I was late.
Stopped saying Yes when it was a No…
I held my strings tight,
It Felt so right.
Being the puppeteer of my life!


Karthik Parthasarathy


My life as a show, every single day
The puppeteer as well as the puppet
The controller and the controlled to boot
My make-believe play of living life my way.


Tanu Malhotra


Doll me up
but do not treat me as a doll.
I breathe, move, sway and dance,
but all of my own, for myself.
Un-puppet me from your thoughts,
because I may be dolled up,
 but I am a girl, not a puppet doll.

Anindya J Ganguly


With strings stitched to my wrists
I’m his Barbie doll,
his marinated mannequin
He plays with my flesh
He carves out my skin 
I’m my puppeteer’s desires, 
his slaved mannequin.
Knitted to a Marionette,
 tied to my Master’s nails
I’m sewed from soul to sheen
I’m, my Puppeteer’s Mannequin.


Susreetha Eks 


Life hurts sometimes
yet I’m proud
that I hold myself together,
I pull my strings up
even when I’m down.
I’m the master of my fate,
A puppet of my own hands.
I’m a paradox in myself.

Sarrvesh Waran


 How naive I have been all these years
by giving the strings in someone else’s hands,
 when it should have been me?. Never again,
I am going to dance to my own rhythm
 and discover the colors of my prism!


Shibatosh Kar


 She had her fear, 
that broke her.
She held back the tear,
that shook her.
But little did she know
 that she was nothing
 but a little puppet
 with tangled strings
tied to her own fingers.
She was imprisoned 
in her own world.


Rita J. Panazzola


 My life as a marionette
Can’t cut those strings yet
Need purpose in life
To stop all the strife
I will not continue this road I am on
Pulling these strings until turmoil is gone
When peace is achieved
I as the puppeteer will be relieved

Sulekha Pande 


The puppetry that goes on,
on my womanhood,
is not new, is as old as time,
I shed silent tears,
my hands tied,
with invisible strings,
I have forgotten what my life should be,
I live, perform and die according 
to the whims of the society.

Starla Cope


 If only I could be the person I truly am,
 rather the person they expect me to be. 

Susan Barth


 He pulls at her strings.
 She is the puppet being played
 by a master at Magic.
 Only to find herself, crying,
when the strings break.


Aftab Hussain


 Nobody can see through the pain
I just have to be a puppet to entertain!


Tina Beecham


I put on a show for everyone!
No one knows the real ME!

Mai Quesada


 I capitalized on my own grief and sorrows.
to put a good show!

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