My Imagination Soared… Books and I Had Struck a Chord.

Rinku Shah 

The pages fluttered in the breeze,
This moment I wanted to seize.
Wings to the mind…
Leaving everything behind.
My imagination soared…
Books and I had struck a chord.
Every fantasy I could live,
Books had so much to give!


Tanu Malhotra 

Knowledge is not merely
an instrument of use,
but in fact is a Vehicle
which will help you travel
 through all weathers,
 all stages, all phases of life.
The only fuel it requires
 is of patience and persistence.


Sarrvesh Waran

 A different world, a different sky,
 I fly everyday with the vehicle called book.
 Operating it is easy,
not many complex mechanisms,
just one pedal at a time, one word at a time.
And before I know it,
I am somewhere in a different world,
in a different sky.

John Kimuel Bello 

I trust these pages to fly me with the winds, 
Drown me in words that paint the seven seas, 
Overwhelm me in songs sang by birds and bees,
Teach me how true love feels and imitate a kiss.
For in a world of nonfiction, fiction is a tease;
We to turn to books for a touch of fantasy bliss.


Jackie De Klerk 

With each book we read,
We travel to a new destination.
No ordinary transport can lead
To the exploration of your imagination.

Anindya J Ganguly

 With an ageless Airplane
Brewed in the space of my mind
I float over the ocean of mundaneness 
Away from all darkness, into eternal light.


Sulekha Pande

The vehicle of my books,
the fuel of imagination,
the winds of faraway lands, 
they give me roots,
they give me wings,
I soar, soar high,
on my books, 
they take me where none can,
I ride, I fly, I travel,
n the wings of them…


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