70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online

Popular Unpopular Opinions Boldly Shared Online

We all have the right to our own opinions, whether they are popular or unpopular. However, when you have an unpopular opinion, people may get offended. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t right.

What are unpopular opinions?

Birthdays are overrated. That’s my unpopular opinion.

When you speak your mind and express yourself knowing that others may not agree or care about it, then it’s an unpopular opinion. Sometimes it may be highly controversial, other times it may just be a fact which infuriates others. “Unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo,” writes author Nicole Cooper.

The truth is almost each and everyone of us have a few unpopular, seemingly unsavoury, opinions about some aspects of life. “Many people have become fed up with conventional wisdom, groupthink, and trends started by popular culture,” adds Nicole. However, we may refrain from expressing them because we don’t want our family members, friends and coworkers to get offended. 

70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online
70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online

For instance, I absolutely hate birthdays. I find no sense in celebrating a day that marks you are getting older and another year closer to death. Yet, when I say that to my friends, most get instantly offended, while others laugh at my face. But does it change my opinion about birthdays? Absolutely not. Similarly, you may have an unpopular opinion that you feel strongly about, even if others don’t agree with you.

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With the internet becoming our go-to platform for sharing all our ideas, now people like us have a stage for voicing their opinions and sharing their independent thoughts, even if there’s a backlash. 

So here is a list of funny, offensive and unbelievable unpopular opinions that you can find on the internet:

Popular Unpopular Opinions Boldly Shared Online Info
70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online

Unpopular opinions on society

Here are some interesting not-so-popular opinions about society collected from Quora. Take a look.

People often take things too seriously. We, as a society, are not emotionally strong.

You don’t have the right to hurt other people or destroy someone’s property just because your feelings got hurt.

Biologically, there are only 2 genders – XX and XY. And unless someone has something different, they are either male or female.

People are more informed about pop culture than general knowledge. Most of us don’t know why WWII started, but we probably know about what the Kardashians did recently.

Social media is evil. It makes us negative, envious and affects our self-esteem. It makes us seek external validation constantly and is ruining our relationships.

We as a society are way too concerned about other people’s business than our own. We easily cling to the mob mentality.

Discrimination against women is real and women have the right to judge and fear men. Not all men are good and some of us need to realize that.

You are responsible for your own life. And if you are not happy with your life, then it’s your own fault.

Not everyone is beautiful. Some people are naturally beautiful, some are less attractive. Your personality doesn’t make you attractive. If you are ugly, then accept it, stop complaining and live your life.

Most people who call themselves animal lovers, don’t even know what that means. Owning a pet or helping some strays from time to time doesn’t make you an animal lover. You need to stop supporting the system that makes money by killing and hurting animals. You can’t eat a burger and then say you love cows.

The smartphone is the worst and most dangerous device we have today.

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