Money Spent

Money Spent

Balancing The Ledger

If a mind can not be opened
Or a heart can not be kept
If a dream can not be woken
Of this world can I be swept

For I believe all who deceive
Shall reap upon them what has crept
If receiving is achieving
Buried becomes their concept

Giving to all and giving freely
Prospering we must accept
That growth of our proceedings
Hasn’t leapt while others wept.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Money spent or given is representative of the time and/or love spent earning it. You and only you have the power and choice to consent your free will however you choose. But this is never without consequence.

As already previously quoted in “Love Learned”, Our life is a journey of our conscience, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction (Albert Einstein). Elitists consumerism agenda ironically will see themselves consumed by the very hunger to survive their fear based capitalism vision has created.

Divide and conquer techniques are not spared by duality, karma or consequences of its actions. There are only so many people governments and financial institutions can rip off before their victims become a majority and democratically remind corrupted individuals of such.

Nobody lives above their own laws. Hypocrisy may rhyme with democracy but should never be confused in the same fashion that political correctness has become humanely reckless. What is your purpose? What is your intention? Do you hold space for just yourself? Or does your prayer field include the wellbeing of others?

Can a vicious circle or negative cycle be defeated or overcome? Well most certainly never with the same type of thinking that fearful minds project and limit themselves too. If you need hope, Be hope. If you need faith, Be faith. Take what you need in the spirit of gratitude and watch the Law of attraction bring love, time, money and more.

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