Money Borrowed


A shortfall of contrition
Is a conditioning plank
You can bet your bottom dollar
That remorse is all you bank

While you lend your love and time
In exchange for their currency
Do you collect of your interest
On their requests of you and me

Is your acceptance an excuse
To tolerate intolerance
You must be crazy if you think
The debt has any relevance.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

I didn’t use the word imaginary out of context in regard to money if you understand how corrupted and fake it has become and likewise misguided our economies. Time and Love can too fall victim of such fate if allowed and consented to also. What you vision you will become but you must also act in such a manner that doesn’t contradict your beliefs for them to manifest into reality.

So there’s two ways we can do this. Once we obtain our vision, no matter how big or small the goal, we can borrow from others or we can borrow from ourselves. Most commonly practiced due to social conditioning is to take from others which has perpetuated a greed culture amongst those looking outward for validation.

You have to have a certain job, car, house, body type, partner or whatever fear they design by a certain age to be considered successful. But by who’s measure? Before we realise our own worth a lot of us fall into the trap they’ve set. We become consumers without any other purpose or direction.

In “keeping up with the Joneses” this fear of failure or shame of never being good enough encourages us to trade our three currencies out of balance. It’s only once we look inward and find gratitude for all that we have and have always had that we truly prosper and become creative.

You may have heard that “necessity is the mother of invention or innovation” and in theme of this I entitled the book (Take What You Need) that you’re reading. Nothing is borrowed when you look inward and perceive how debt is actually generated. To take what isn’t given creates Anarchy. To give what isn’t taken creates abundance.

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