‘ME-TIME’ From time to time

‘ME-TIME’ From time to time main

Rinku Shah


From time to time
Kept me sane 
for a lifetime.


Felicia Holmes


Sometimes we choose 
to live in our own little bubble,
to escape the nonsense & noise
that would otherwise drive us mad.


Denise Baker Bobetić


Don’t be held prisoner 
by the excessive 
negative talk around you, 
break free 
with the sound of music.


Rinku Shah


Amidst the babble,
Safe in my bubble.
Music is a blessing,
So very refreshing! 


Sunny Marie


My hermetic bubble,
Keeps away trouble.
Music on my ears,
Shields me from their fears. 


Belinda Stott


Listening to music puts me 
in my happy place.


Happy Honey


Let’s on the music 
To cut off the noise


Pinky Barot


Tuned into your inner voice 

Amidst all the noise


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