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Maturity Level Of The Zodiac Signs

Maturity Level Of The Zodiac Signs

Maturity Level  

Aries: 9 years old and still asks many questions.  

Taurus: 21 years old but has his/her 15-year-old days.  

Gemini: 5 years old.  

Cancer: 45 years old.  

Leo: 16 years old.  

Virgo: 30 years old but can be 10 on a bad day.  

Libra: 26 years old.  

Scorpio: 60 years old, a bitter old lady.  

Sagittarius: 13 years old.  

Capricorn: 55 years old.  

Aquarius: 28 years old with a degree on their back they use.  

Pisces: 1-year-old baby.


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