Marry A Man Who Touches You

Marry A Man Who Touches You

Marry a man who touches you and descends to your soul.

Your hand touching mine. This is how galaxies collide. ― Sanober Khan

Marry a man who is sensible, intimately in love with you, feels you through sensual touches and ignites your body and soul.

Marry the man who feels the fresh warmth of your body, the first thing in the morning, whose fingers entwine with yours during the day, whose lips press ever so lightly on your forehead as he gently removes the strands of hair across your face. Marry the man who sees the first ray of the sunshine on your beaming sleepy face.

Fall for the man who knows crying is not a sign of weakness, that he can at times shatter into pieces; he who knows that it is not bad to be weak and insecure in love, at times.

His vulnerability is what so tenderly sets your soul on fire. 

Marry a man who is not afraid to pull you into an embrace when the storm sets in, holding you tight as he lightens the darkness setting in.

Be loved by a man who kisses your imperfections, playfully bites off your softness and caresses your sharp edges. He is the one who will smoothen out your burning scars with the tender touch of his healing hands.

Marry a man whose protective arms keep you secure and loved. Wherever in the world you may be, whatever roads you may roam, whatever part of your journey you are on, his touch will bring you home.

A man who is willing to lie beside you on the grass, after a tiresome day, under the sky filled with stars; a man who finds himself drowning in the never-ending depth of the tranquility in your eyes. Be with the man, who finds you in the vortex of his heart.

Explore life with a man who is free-spirited, fearless, carefree and wild; one who lives without boundaries, rules, and regulations; one who cares about no societal constraints but only care about things that matter. Marry a man who doesn’t only love and respect you, but respects humanity as a whole; a man compassionate enough.



Someone who is not afraid to break down walls, tear down barriers and penetrate hard layers to get to your core.

A genuine man, real and raw about his feelings, who is not afraid to get to your messed up core that you so secretively protect.

Marry a man who knows that he is a blend of masculine and feminine and that the process of alchemy mixed to create that gold. Marry someone who has acceptance of his flaws and virtues, equally well and is willing to explore and improve anything he feels is required.

Fall for a man who exquisitely touches your soul when he takes accountability for his thoughts, words, and actions. The one who at times puts aside his ego, just to see that smile on your face, someone who bathes in your colors.

Marry a man who will never try to tone your brightness, file your sharp edges or dim your light—a man who knows that when you shine, his world shines too. Be touched by a man who is honored to be the one who holds you tight, but knows to be away enough to let that whirlwind sweep you off your feet.

Marry the man who has been thrashed by his painful past, broken into pieces, who needs the broken pieces of you to be complete. Someone who trusts you with his frailty.

The type of man I would marry is one who knows that to touch a woman deeply he needs to witness the depth of her soul. Someone who dances to the tunes of the soul’s music, someone who seduces every inch of your being, without even physically touching you.

A man who loses himself momentarily in the pleasurable sensations that arise in his body when he touches the woman at his side.

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