Love without Doubts

Love without Doubts

Motherese: Elephant Wanders Village to Village; Whom S/he Belongs Has The Name.

We have read and heard “Love Happens” In romantic movies it displays when Cupid lodges an arrow in the lovers’ hearts. They enter into a magical world where everything is picture-perfect and fascinating. For that particular moment they begin designing their prospective life with bright colors and optimistic future.

Ah! But that may not be true, even though feeling of love takes place of feeling of hunger and other priorities in life. Love is a wonderful feeling, something that is indescribable in words. Oh! Wait a second – I forgot to mention the other side of the labyrinth. Delusions or negative thinking that feeds to pessimism.

Before expressing further, let’s focus on what is the basis of delusions, doubts or assumptions and why they produce in mind. There can be various reasons, such as behavior, ex-lover history, body language, dress code and or indiscreet speech etc.

Well! No matter what they are, they all lead to foolish acts by the time realization occurs.

Nobody should modify the partner characteristics in which they are born with to give birth to compatibility. Love is neither the modification of someone’s true character, nor it is the settling down agenda. It is self-denial of own wishes to make the partner and yourself grow happily in life. Sadly, for some people it isn’t that easy venture!

Everything that look heaven turns into hell, when delusions and skepticism burn down the castle of dreams. As the saying goes ‘Fatal illness can be cured, but skepticism is incurable’. Love that is based on delusions ultimately, breaks up.

There are some rational reasons which keep people apart from each other.

  • Delusions can be the source to headhunt a suitable partner while dumping the one you have your doubts.
  • Sometimes rumor-mongers spread erroneous information between lovers which cause to think negatively and isolate them.
  • Because the backwash from previous relationship, people fear or view prospective partner with sheer skepticism and hard to fall in love.

Delusions turn the normal person into doubting Thomas or private detective. A deep-rooted doubting nature is hard to fix. Everyone has a unique personality. Instead of, spying on your partner trust and let them free while introspect your own thoughts positively. Nothing is worse than the pricks of your conscience.

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